The Institute

  Photo of Professor Johannes Pinnekamp Copyright: © Claudia Fahlbusch University Professor Johannes Pinnekamp

ISA is currently under the direction of Professor Johannes Pinnekamp and Professor Thomas Wintgens. It is part of RWTH’s Faculty of Civil Engineering and has been focusing on the field of environmental and water protection for many years now.

25 academic staff members work on diverse research and development activities in interdisciplinary cooperation. Their work focuses on the areas of wastewater discharge, wastewater treatment, and waste management.
ISA’s staff members include engineers from the disciplines of civil engineering, process engineering, and environmental technology as well as natural scientists from the areas of biology and chemistry.

  Picture of Prof. Thomas Wintgens Copyright: © Foto Preim University Professor Thomas Wintgens

Besides soil and air analyses, large numbers of daily samples from wastewater, sludge, waste, contaminated sites are also prepared and analyzed at ISA's high-performance and state-of-the-art laboratory.

Around 25 employees from the laboratory, workshop, IT, administration, and organization departments as well as numerous student employees support ISA’s scientific work.

ISA carries out theoretical and practical investigations on all topics within the field of waste disposal. Its clients are public research funders, associations, industry, and municipalities.


Organigram of the Institute