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cover of acwa aktuell Copyright: © acwa Issue 24 - 10/2022

Under the name of ‘acwa,’ the following water management institutes at RWTH have joined forces to engage in joint research activities:

  • Institute of Environmental Engineering – ISA
  • Research Institute for Water Management and Climate Future at RWTH Aachen University – FiW
  • Development and Assessment Institute in Waste Water Technology – PIA

Furthermore, they publish a journal, also titled acwa. The collaboration has a focus on basic research, applied research, scientific support, e.g. of construction measures and commissioning. In addition, acwa offers a broad range of services, ranging from practical applications such as approval tests for wastewater treatment plants, laboratory analyses, and flow measurements to organizational consulting and technology transfer activities in Germany and abroad. acwa presents innovative and tailored solutions for the supply of drinking water, wastewater disposal, and water quality management.

Technical questions and problems are addressed by incorporating energetic, ecological, and economic aspects. In addition, acwa's modern research and service activities focus on the development of future scenarios and questions on sustainable resource protection.

Acwa collaborates with international partners on EU research networks; projects with China, Japan, and Brazil; and has development collaborations with the priority regions of North Africa and Southeast Asia.

Connected by acwa, the three institutes have their own experimental sites and halls, a modern environmental analytical laboratory, and numerous specialist software applications. A total of about 40 academic and 40 technical and administrative staff members make it possible to quickly and reliably solve any urban water management questions and problems.


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