Rollenpflücker – Possible Applications of the 'Roll Pickers Technology' for Removing and Compacting Invasive Aquatic Plants



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Due to the massive spread of invasive aquatic plants, many water bodies are affected by severely restricted possibilities of use. From a nature conservation point of view, extreme growth poses a threat to the natural flora in protected areas. The current method of multiple "mowing" per year has only very limited success. The aim is to develop a technology that can completely remove the plants, reduce the amount of work involved, leave no damage in the water and, if possible, reduce costs.

Lutat Fluid Technologie UG has developed the concept of the roll picker. The basic innovation are two counter-rotating, flexibly lowerable rollers (roll pickers), which grip the plants and clear them almost completely with the root by pulling. Subsequent mechanical drainage measures and disposal of all partial streams can reduce disposal costs and minimise eutrophication of the water. A material-energetic further utilization of the biomass is examined.

The Institute for Environmental Engineering at RWTH Aachen University, ISA for the short, coordinates the project and carries out studies on the environmental compatibility of the new technology. Before and after the use of the roll picker, 7 measurement campaigns will be carried out in different seasons over two years. The growth of the water plants is documented.

In the measuring program PAH, PCB, different elements, TOC/ TNb in water and sediment are measured. In addition, the grain size distribution is determined for the sediment and in the water phase the filterable substances, turbidity, ammonium, phosphate and various ions are investigated. The regrowth rate will be compared (aerial photographs).


Information about the Rollenpflücker Research Project

Funding Agency

German Federal Environmental Foundation


August 2017 to December 2019

Project Manager

Regina Dolny, M. Sc.