Wastewater Treatment



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Research Priorities in the Area of Wastewater Treatment

In basic research projects, the Wastewater and Sewage Sludge Treatment research group pursues the goal of developing and testing pioneering processes and technical concepts for the municipal and industrial sectors. The aim is to increase the process and resource efficiency of existing systems.

A high priority is also given to applied aspects, for example in our consulting activities and research collaborations with operators of wastewater treatment plants as well as industry and engineering companies. Plant sizes vary from laboratory-scale plants and extend all the way to large-scale plants.

  • Resource management
  • Improvement of water quality
  • Closure of water circuits
  • Specific national challenges
  • Nutrient recycling
  • Minimization of residues from waste water treatment
  • Closure of usage cascades
  • Improvement of urban water infrastructure systems
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Nutrient Recovery

  • Recovery of phosphorus from waste water, sewage sludge and sewage sludge ash
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Development of new water infrastructure systems

  • Development of novel, adapted wastewater infrastructures, both domestically and internationally
  • Extraction of process water by treatment of slightly polluted waste water streams
  • Nutrient recovery from urine
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Wastewater treatment and sewage sludge treatment – nationally and abroad

  • Integration of membrane technology into existing wastewater treatment concepts
  • Practical testing of membrane technology in municipal wastewater treatment
  • technical and scientific controlling; consulting in the planning and construction of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants
  • Advice on operating problems
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Industrial wastewater treatment

  • Process-integrated wastewater treatment
  • Anaerobic wastewater treatment
  • PIUS: Production-integrated environmental protection
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Dynamic simulation of wastewater treatment plants

  • Simulation of sewage treatment plants
  • Mathematical modelling of waste water treatment processes and process technologies
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Development of the "design2treat" aeration plant dimensioning program

  • Extension of the design2treat aeration plant design program for international
  • Provision of training

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