Research in the Field of Urban Drainage





Research Priorities

In many research projects, the Wastewater Discharge working group deals with questions concerning novel processes and techniques. Not only technical aspects are considered, as organizational and economic aspects are investigated as well. Numerous research collaborations with municipal network operators as well as consulting activities ensure that our results are practically relevant and applicable.

Current research and development focuses include:

Optimization of Sewer Network Operation

  • Optimization of the operation of sewer networks
  • Sewer cleaning strategies
  • Optimization of the operating processes of sewer operations
  • Sewer inspection methods

Mixed Water Treatment

  • Optimization of material retention in storage sewers and rain overflow basins
  • Reduction of pollutant load in water bodies through advanced combined sewerage treatment
  • Development of new operating strategies
  • Investigation of the operating behavior of storage sewers with central relief

Sewerage Technology

  • Market research
  • Testing of control devices

Rainwater Infiltration and Alternative Drainage Concepts

  • Plot drainage systems
  • Investigations on how to reduce the amount of extraneous water
  • Investigations on how to organize the inspection and rehabilitation of sewage systems on plots

Technical controlling and scientific consulting

  • Assessment of existing plants as well as of construction and operation concepts
  • Optimization of processes, systems, and technologies of sewerage technology