Our institute offers numerous publications that can be purchased directly at the chair or borrowed from the library.

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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment optimizes conventional treatment processes and investigates innovative processes, in particular for the removal of micropollutants, microplastic and resistant bacteria.

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Particulate Pollutants

The research group Particulate Contaminants is involved in diverse research projects investigating the sources, pathways and receptors of particulate contaminants in the context of urban water management and with regard to environmental impacts. Project processing and acquisition is carried out in close cooperation with the other research groups.

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Urban Drainage

Advanced combined and stormwater treatment as well as adaptation to climate change, especially dealing with heavy and extreme precipitation events, are key issues in urban drainage.

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Environmental Analysis

We offer a wide range of analytical, ecotoxicological and biological tests in all matrices from sampling to analysis.

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Drinking Water and Water Reuse

The Research Group Water Supply & Water Reuse aims at closing anthropogenic water cycles and its activities are complementary to those of the Research Group Wastewater Treatment. One focus is currently on process engineering questions concerning physicochemical treatment processes, especially adsorption and membrane processes.

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Resource Management

Resource Management deals with the recovery of valuables, waste management and circular economy.

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completed Projects

Here you will find a selection of completed projects

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