ISA Under Joint Direction Since September 1, 2019

  Pictor of Professor Johannes Pinnekamp Copyright: © Claudia Fahlbusch University Professor Johannes Pinnekamp

ISA has developed both in terms of its staff and its location in recent years.

In April 2018, ISA moved to its new water research center on the premises of the Aachen-Soers wastewater treatment plant.

In July 2019, we received a grant to fund several analytical instruments for the laboratory, providing the center with state-of-the-art equipment.

Given this context, the Rector’s Office and the RWTH Faculty of Civil Engineering decided to carry out the appointment procedure for the reappointment of the institute management ahead of schedule three years ago. This has resulted in the position now being jointly filled over two years, ensuring a steady transition with a consistent strong research performance.

  Picture of Professor Thomas Wintgens Copyright: © ISA University Professor Thomas Wintgens

Professor Pinnekamp and Professor Wintgens have been jointly managing ISA since September 1, 2019.

The institute’s name has also changed in connection with this new appointment. It is now called the Institute of Environmental Engineering. This describes its disciplines better and emphasizes the water management cycle from wastewater disposal to water quality management to water supply.